Norwatch Mustang Wine

Reserve CC - Top Dam 1982, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88 and Runner-Up 86

Tang was born on a very cold, wet windy day in March in 1979. Her mother, Gremlin Soft Steps, decided that the best course of action when having puppies was to surprise her owners by not giving any of the usual signs of whelping and having the first one on our bed !!

Tang was a very flashy bitch and was shown quite successfully culminating in winning a RCC from the late Joe Braddon. She was mated at just 16 months of age and, as they say, the rest is history!

Ch. Steynmere Night Rider, known as Badger, was chosen for his short back, lovely extrovert temperament and for his wonderful showmanship. Out of this litter she produced the two champion brothers, Brock Buster and Glory Boy.
As this mating was so successful, it was repeated and another champion dog was born called Ch. Norwatch O'Toole of Rayfos. Also in this litter Tang produced a bitch called Norwatch Bumble Boogie. Bumble Boogie was quite successful in the show ring and when Stafford Somerfield judged her at Crufts and gave her the class he offered to buy her. Realising her potential as a possible brood bitch we declined his offer. We mated her three times and she missed every time !!
Just goes to show the best laid plans ……

The next time Tang was mated we decided to put her to Guido Von Morsbach of Wanderobo because we wanted a bit of ‘continental’ in our lines. This mating didn’t produce any top winners but one of the bitches from this litter features in the pedigrees of a couple of our dogs we have today.

For her final litter we chose to use Grouse - he had made his mark as a top producer and we thought it would be a good idea to use him to try and produce a bitch for us from Tang as we hadn't kept anything from her to breed on with. This produced a fantastic litter and on the day Sozzled and Sloshed were born Eddie was handling Brock Buster at Bath Ch. Show and Helen was left at home whelping her beloved Tang. When Eddie arrived home Helen couldn’t wait to show him their new born puppies - he took one look at them and said 'They're b. . . . y ugly - they look like little mice!!' As we all know these two children turned into 'swans' and ultimately very famous Boxers!!


The birth of a Legend

Norwatch Mustang Wine, the flashy puppy in the centre of the whelping box.

four months later

at nine months.

Helen with Mustang Wine


Top Dam meets Top Sire! This mating between Mustang Wine and Ch. Tyegarth Famous Grouse produced two champions

Collecting the British Boxer Club award for Dam of Merit from the late Stafford Somerfield


Ebony Eyes of Winuwuk

Eddie bought 'Bonnie' from Marian and Ivor Ward Davies in 1975 but was bred by Norma Knox of the Donnymoor affix. She was a very pretty young lady with dark, drop dead gorgeous eyes, (one of the attributes Kreyons Back in Town of Winuwuk gave to his progeny). She was a very sensitive character and was clever enough to know every kind of mood we were in.

Her first litter to Winuwuk Milray's Red Baron of Valvay produced Eddie's first Green Card winner, Sunhawk Winter Frost winning the RCC at Leeds under Audrey Jenkinson. She also had a brother, a very nice headed dog called Sunhawk Snow Boy.

Her second litter to Ch. Tyegarth Famous Grouse produced a lovely bitch called Sunhawk Amber Fern who won 2 Reserve Challenge Certificates - both under Bruce Cattanach. 'Mindy' was a very typical Grouse child having a very good head, a good mouth and first class shoulder and hind angulation.

Her next litter was to a young dog of Joy Malcolm's called Skelder Lomand and produced another RCC winning bitch called Sunhawk High Society. 'Charlie' was a striking dark brindle and white bitch and did a lot of useful winning.

Unfortunately, Bonnie's ancestry was involved in PA. She was test mated back to her brother to try and clear her but alas produced PA cases, so the good bitches we had could not be bred from. Due to the ramifications of PA we bought in Sheffordian Ruby Tuesday as an 8 week old pup. She joined Mustang Wine as our only two brood bitches.